Winter in Louisiana, Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk, Denmark

Impressions from exhibition: ” THE WORLD IS YOURS “, Contemporary Art

Copyright text and pictures Erik K Abrahamsen 2010

All rights reserved



January 2010

Visit in the Sculpture Park:

Louisiana, Museum of Modern Art, Sculpture Park. At left: Monica Bonvicini, Italy, see -through mirrored toilet “Don´t Miss a Sec”, 2004 ( “Gå ikke glip af noget” ). Exhibition “The world is yours”. Photo: 8. january 2010

Monica Bonvicini: see-through mirrored  toilet “Don´t Miss a Sec, 2004. Photo: 8. january 2010

Monica Bonvicini see-through mirrored toilet “Don´ t miss a Sec, 2004”. View in direction Øresund with the sculpture of Henry Moore 1898-1986 “laying figure nr. 5”. Photo: 8. january 2010

My view from inside the see-through mirrored toilet “Don´t Miss a Sec, 2004” ( Spejltoilet: “Gå ikke glip af noget”):

Monica Bonvicini:  see-through mirrored toilet ” Don´t miss a Sec, 2004 “, ” Gå ikke glip af noget “. The sculpture from inside. View from inside in direction Øresund.  Photo: 8. january 2010

Monica Bonvicini, Italy, mirrored toilet,” Dont miss a Sec “, 2004. In the background the north wing of Louisiana. Center of the picture at the mirrored toilet: The sculpture of Henry Moore 1898-1986 “Laying figure nr. 5” with view to Øresund and the island Hven, Sweden. Photo: 8. january 2010.

Monica Bonvicini: Mirrored toilet, Don´t Miss a Sec, 2004. In the center of the picture: Øresund and the sculpture of Henry Moore 1898-1986: “Liggende figur nr. 5” (Laying figure nr. 5). Photo: 8. january 2010

Permanent sculptures in Louisiana Sculpture Park:

Henry Moore 1898-1986, Liggende figur nr.5 (Laying figure nr.5). In the background Øresund. Photo: 8. january 2010

Henry Moore, 1898-1986: Liggende kreperet figur i 3 dele, 1974-75. Photo: 8. january 2010

Alexander Calder 1898-1976, U.S.A.: Little Janey-Waney. Øresund in the background. Photo: 8.january 2010

Alexander Calder 1898-1976: Sprinkle/Slender Ribes 1963. Photo: 8. january 2010

Jean Dubuffet. Mon sneryderen her er klar over at have skabt en forbindelse mellem natur og kunst, der her går op i en højere enhed!! Nature and art in unity and balance! Photo: 8. january 2010

Alberto Giacometti: “L´homme Qui Marche”, 1960. “The walking man”, “Den gående mand”:

Alberto Giacometti 1901-66: Two sculptures. At right “L´homme qui marche”, 1960, Alberto Giacometti. From inside Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Photo: 8. january 2010

Enjoy a visit to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in winter time.

The beauty of landscape, sea and sky is magnificent.

Nature and art in unity and balance.

Go for it!   —  THE WORLD IS YOURS !

Its there,  just before you ….

Lousiana Museum of Modern Art. View in direction Øresund and Sweden. Photo: 8. january 2010

Quotation from Lousiana Winter Programme 2009/10 : “THE WORLD IS YOURS should be seen as a generous and optimistic proposition, recognizing that the individual is free to realize him- or herself in the expanding global space. But the world is not just yours. There is an “ours” in “(y)ours”, and as we become more closely connected to the larger, common world, we must consider problems and assume responsibilities beyond our narrow, private circles. Every day we become aware that the politics, the economy, the sicknesses, the human rights and chimney smoke of other places concern us too.

THE WORLD IS YOURS presents works that startle, involve, tease, provoke or leave their mark on the viewer. Several of the works show something strange happening in otherwise familiar spaces.” (Unquote).

24 acclaimed international artists participate in the exhibition THE WORLD IS YOURS:

Monica Bonvicini (IT), Tom Burr (US), Mircea Cantor (RO), Gardar Eide Einarsson (NO), Olafur Eliasson (DK), Simon Evans (GB) Cao Fei (CN), Douglas Gordon (GB), Shilpa Gupta (IN), Natascha Sadr Haghighian (IR), Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (MX), Elliott Hundley (US), Emily Jacir (PS), Matthew Day Jackson (US), Michel Majerus (LU), Corey Mc Corkle (US), Aernout Mik (NL), Sebastian Diaz Morales (AR), Simon Dybbroe Møller (DK), Adrian Paci (AL), Pipilotti Rist (CH), Chiharu Shiota (JP), Superflex (DK) and Sissel Tolaas (NO).

Copyright text and pictures Erik K Abrahamsen

Click 2x on the pictures and you will see them in a bigger size

Copenhagen,  8. january 2010

Love Erik


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